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56 Y.O. Manufacturing Engineer, married with a 19 Y.O daughter who's an honor student, a PTA, and the joy of my life. Weekends I play guitar in a local Classic Rock Band. I am also a Veteran (US Cavalry 1976-1980) 30% disabled. Standard Midwestern, generic Christian, protestant work ethic values, with an unusually low tolerance for opportunistic, exploitative, Business suits who cheat honest working people to enrich themselves. If you're offended by this it's only because you're one of them. Having been around the world, lived through 11 different presidential administrations, multiple recessions, recurrent double digit unemployment (the one policy our government seems to have no problem achieving), and the steady decline of morals, living standards, political awareness, and business ethics, I feel well qualified to join in the discussions on this board.

If you think my opinions are somewhat radical...GOOD! it'd be pretty damned boring if everybody thought the same. If I come off unforgiving or hard nosed, that's the military training. If my sense of justice seems too out of touch with what passes for justice in this country, it's because what "PASSES" isn't really justice, it's merely the formal appearance of that which is routinely sold to those with wealth and influence. The rest of us are merely Victims (I know whereof I speak as I have more than a little experience in this arena). And I firmly believe that the Republic that was delivered to us by the founding fathers over 230 years ago has been completely usurped and replaced with a Corporate Oligarchy. I also personally believe that there are only a few years left for ALL of us. The social and economic upheaval that is looming on the horizon will completely and utterly destroy the American way of life unless we all work together and make the tough decisions NOW!

We don't HAVE to fight the 3rd world war, We don't HAVE to get our east and West coasts blown off the map. We don't HAVE to watch sea level rise 30 feet over the next century, We don't HAVE to bankrupt the entire country if we just stand together, and force our government to do their jobs. If they don't want to, we need to throw them out and replace them NOW! Time is short, compromise is no longer an option, inaction is no longer an option. Our very survival is at stake. You may choose to deny it, you may call me a whack, but deep down you ALL know it's true. So now the question is...

What are we going to do about it?